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Summary A Memory Profiler Plugin to use with Ruby on Rails
Categories libraries, testing
License X/MIT License
Owner(s) jmlagace

A Memory Profiling and diagnosis plugin for Ruby on Rails.


No matter how careful you are while developping applications within Ruby on Rails they'll come a point where you'll have to troubleshoot some memory leaks.

The original idea for this tool comes from Scott Laird on his blog *scottstuff*. We needed the tool at M2i3.com. After making some improvement to it we decided it would be a good thing to share the tool with more developers and allow those interested to participate in a good diagnosis tool for Ruby on Rails.

And as we like to work in an agile fashion at M2i3.com well lets get started and as we better understand the purpose and extent of Memory Profiling we can clarify the scope of the project

What is the scope of this project?

Plain and simple... provide a non-obstrusive tool to do memory profiling in Ruby on Rails

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